Vision of disorder Excess 가사 ROMANIZED


Something's stuck inside my head

You know I never really heard of a thing called time

Cause excess has made me reckless

I don't give a fuck about your dawn cause


Some day I will lay here as your children play

Above my head, I hear your feet above my head

Cause you can't hide

From the side

That left you high

Moderation; what a notion

A waste of time in the face of indulgence

Excess is always best

I'll stick it in your vein

Sometimes these chains they do claim

But something's got me coming back for more

Gripping, tearing

Pulling at the walls of that vanity

Melting, pounding

Change inside you

Bleeding, crawling

Scratching out the path beneath your feet

Consist, constrict

But something's got me going down this land

This lane.

Fade away

Cause of this excess

I've been left in a state of delirium

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