Vision of disorder Watrering disease 가사

Watrering disease

Get away

Get away, that's what they always say

Though I can't relate

I try and try and trying to undo

So convincing all that way

Though I detest

I will choose to

Choose to neglect all the thoughts of false communication

Though you reject concentrating, contemplating on

What they want of me

What they'll never see

What they perceive is burning in the grass

Try to lose your own

Confusion as melts upon your back

And you resist in-tact

So this is what you see

Come and taste misery

As it burns on my tounge

This is this is dread

I think I will for your thrill

I think I'll try all this time

Shelter me, bury me

Get away-Rage

Where we settle in the paths

As I look as I look on back I realize

The faceless dead

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