total There Will Be No #!*@ Tonight 가사 ROMANIZED


Woman:... but my daughter's asleep. I'm not trying to here her mouth tonight.

Man: Just make some more time for me baby, just let me help.

Kid: I want some ice-cream!

Woman: Now you woke her up.

Man: Well can't you put baby back to sleep?

Woman: You woke her up.

Man: Come on baby just...

Kid: I want my little bumble with the bee uhh! I want that tape!

Man: Can't you just bzzzt her back to sleep?

Woman: You the one who woke her up.

Man: I'm sorry baby, just come here, just...

Kid: I want my Total CD!

Woman: Look what you did.

Man: Can you please put her to sleep. What is she, a Bad Boy fan?

Kid: Are you trying to do it to my momma?


We're not #!*@ing, no no #!*@ing,

There will be no #!*@ing tonight.

A lot of kissing, lot of hugging,

There will be no #!*@ing me tonight.

You get nothing I get nothing,

I'm not bluffing, no no #!*@ing me tonight.

'Cause when we do it we might do it,

But it won't be no #!*@ing me tonight.

Kid: Are you trying to do it to my momma?


I'ma gonna stand here watch you want it all night long,

Then I'm gon' tease you 'cause I know you wanna get in my draws.

I'll let you play with my kitty, you'll play with yours all you want,

Soon as you think you're sliding in me I'm gonna cut you off, because...

Repeat Chorus

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