Dragon Ash I♥HIP HOP(1999 6th single TOP4) 歌词

B・E・L・O・N・G Japanese music technology
B・P・M ride on to the break down Folow to T.O.P touch down
I show U fight Real funky beat night Fist U Never lose your spirit
Funky D.J I show you Check it out Comin' out
Headphone settin' scratchin' transformin'
All standing' Oh U wanna come divin'? Yes yes sure Fly high Don't be shy
Throw a fuckin' toy Hey, attention tough guy Ready now brother 3, 2, 1, fire
Most important Get the point Hey listen student Music city night Excite してナ・イ・ト
さあ始めよう大きな宴 時間ならあるさ大いに騒げ

M and B 刻むこのBeat DA systemご自慢のKey
Mr.Tumtable 切り抜けTrouble 今日も回せガンガンに相棒
Born in Japan We wanna jump up 見せるぜSkill It's Rock Style
1999恐れなど無い If you come the party night We gonna keep on shinin'
J to A to P to S 言葉のFenseぶち壊すChance
常に乗せるオレ達のPace Our argument rents on a solid basis
満を待してこんな時代に登場 HIP HOP PUNKS 織り交ぜて今参上
期待の選手 We're Dragon Ash 共に行こう駆け抜けろ青春

1, 2 こんな感じ速攻10count 過ぎる前に立ち上がりBout
ぼやぼやしてりゃすぐRing out 振り向きざまかますLariat
次から次へ言葉のFile 掘り出しては繰り出すMissile
乗せるTrackは壮大なScale 世紀末へ投げかけるSoul
HIP HOP Beat Don't stop move Make the history with DA steady
Rockin' like this Don't give up kids Make a money move your body
Mic test 1, 2 Bass rhythm I want to 軽くこすり入れてきなBOTS
Over night party Brother ready steady U don't stop love HIP HOP

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