Bourbon Tabernacle Choir OVERJOYED 가사 ROMANIZED


Though we search for heavenWith our words

Sometimes these religions seem absurdThere's nothing higher than love

There's nothing wiser than loveIf we offer witness from our doubt

We can cast the blessed blindness outThere's nothing clearer than love

There's nothing stronger than loveWe can be overjoyedWe can see overjoyed

When the crisis comes we'll find peaceOn this solid groundAnd say were overjoyed

We can breathe on our ownWe can feel in the boneWhen the light is gone

We'll find peaceIn the solid groundAnd rest, overjoyed Bridge:

And if the heavens burst apart No angels will fallThe warnings of a master

Won't be real at allNo duty to callAnd we'll be standing up so tall

We can touch all we see  We can trust and believe

When the autumn comes we'll make our feast

From the solid ground and say were overjoyed

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