Bone Thugs-n-harmony Handle The Vibe 가사 ROMANIZED

(Chorus): As we Ride, by tha end of tha night night We will be movin' our thugsta play Can you handle tha vibe(2X)


We comin' to cap that, fukk wit' my sawed-off, polish shit off, until it be blasted. Soon as my pen as my pistol get yawned up especially for chippin' and openin' caps, and let me bargain wit' you mate, now fall. You've carefully tried mighty, adjourned. Baby, Baby, pretty, pretty did show, let's send 'em high, nigga will try. You hurt, and you went. Now send 'em tha realest, all tha place in tha bank, and you fake. Gotta get that killin', tha killin' of demons, you can counts and rapp forfree, and angels sing about angels, bloody murda fukk wit' Jesus, Jesus, rest in peace, betta let him be, to tha wearin' of my past. Let's pop in ah piece, and heat it, and no more won't get on tha ground. Recommend, high standards of me, so fukk critics, fukked 'em above, and ah field goal status can kick it. I. Fukk tha Bone wow, cops layin' all over tha ground, and I don't know how, plow, two on tha ground, and now. I got to dig it, get on tha ground, all ah my people can go gather around. Neva look down, but a bomb, and they blow up my town, and I know y'all peoples bite. Gotta creep in yo' land, murda mo' scream ah pap. Ready ta get ya how, burnin' yo' soul, to go bye yo. Leavin' dem costumes down, damn. Mo' murda me Makaveli, keepin' my pistol steady ready, off tha playin' dayz, with tha pressure points, a point. Are you ready?


I'm breakin' ah rival nigga, be hoggin' on me. Ho well he can sippin', be creepin', be pullin' me over, but nigga just showed me. He puttin' and wreckin' you was disrespecting of tha T-O-P. Should ah put 'em in ah coffin' now. Dig 'em and pow, pow, pow. Put 'em in ah river that nigga who wow, wow. With an incredible style, once who was thinkin' but you gonna get it down. One cheated you up with ah deadly crowd, for nigga let's tap yo' ass now. Wheneva yo' ready to rumble my nigga, let's bring this on outta tha club, ready ta slang slugz, nigga down got too close. He forgotten we claim thugz. Nigga this shit is be deep it is just ah mista, bought tha trigga get rid of tha whole of a head of a nigga you down with tha thing, you down with tha pistol, bury buck. All fukk, if it's guts in my trunk, nigga try tha 211, fukk tha road route, 187. Nigga wit' heat, who can it be? Nobody but them T-H-U-G's. wit' artillery we come in peace, nigga please freeze. Put 'em on his knees, nigga don't even breath. Envy, are tha warrior killa destroyaz, ya gonna die.



Betta act deceivin', decease degree. Nigga let this be tha reson, niggaz from Cleveland, fin' to get even, thieve us. Stoppin' these bitches from breathin'. Top it up, and you know you can't clap against otha rappaz. Instead puttin' down play day. Givin' 'em my state of ah lesson, nigga test nut, nigga hear this. Well, when ah nigga goez down with tha murda mo, Mo Thuggaz be creepin' and claim 'em. Ready to win wit' my niggaz now pay ta be rested if anydayz be tha same. But artillety shops be bankin', Bone bangin' for armageddon, ready 4 war, all day won't askin'. Playa Hataz betta be ready, and to tha buck. buck, bang. My nigga this shit don't stop, tha government, all on my dick, wanna see tha Layzie Bone drop, and see tha police, but they give me no break! Betta rest in peace, when they tried to send me up state, yo' thanked. Takin' my money up outta tha bank, get ready foe thinkin' or rock, refuse to be, and neva tha least, and you can roll wit' tha Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone.


When it all goez down, when alwayz down, you can count on me, 'cause I got Mo' Thug, Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony, and as my calvary. You ride wit' Bone, you ain't alone, nigga trust us. Organize tha weakness, she's hot. Her Bone wanna sound like us. Ain't nuthin' do, we comin', you kiss mommy bye-bye, you gonna DIE, and I got heat, whatever he, you shoot, we shoot. Betta watch out that I'll put ah punka nigga, nigga, nigga, all up on you, I told you, it's comin', armageddon, armageddon, a new war. We got our shit together, you be nuthin', we nuthin' shit. On tha streets for you, and don't you know, we get our shit together, betta get yo' shit together, when ya go, ya go, ya go.


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