Travis Some Sad Song LYRICS

In the church one day you will get hurt
In the school teacher's such a fool
And if they would ever come round here
They would ever come
Blame it on my style
Take a pill
Don't tell me how to feel

Bad news and tunes
Sing it from the high
Singing some sad song

Uncle Sam, playing in the sand
Understand, hold my hand
Time is never gonna stop running
Never gonna stop
Take me to the top
Of the trees
Don't take me for a cracked window pane

Bad news and tunes
Are shining from the high
Singing some sad song

Don't rehearse, this is the last verse
In the hearse, going through your purse
And if they would ever laugh, not here
They would ever laugh
Blame it on my style, once again
Don't take me for a ride
In the rain

Bad news and tunes
Shining from the high
Singing some sad song

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