Fly to the sky Everything 가사 ROMANIZED

작사/작곡/편곡: 서융근 English rap making: Brian Joo

Yeah, this is what its about rite here.....

I'm leavin' yo ass for good.....Uh,Uh, Break it down, what.

이제 우리가 왔어..우리는 시작하는거야..

You know.... Everything has gone away. I dont want you on my mind.

모든 것이 사라졌어..너가 나의 마음 속에서 사라졌으면 좋겠어.

수많은 너의 거짓 속에 더 이상 견딜 수 없어

Everything has gone away. 모든 것이 떠나버렸어..

흐르는 시간 속에 모두 다 지워버리고 싶어

모른 척하며 지내왔었어 나의 감정을 애써 숨기면서

한참을 믿고 있었지 네가 다른 남자 품을 떠나 다시 돌아온다고 ~

(Uhh)Why you always actin' up love, sleepin' around

with other niggas when you said they just friends.

While I was out on the streets tryin' make us some cash.

Niggas told me you was givin' up a piece of yo ass.

You make me sick, you thought you'd get away with yo games.

You made me think that you was rite and I was always to blame.

And now I know, that I made a wrong choice at start cuz

all I wanted was yo lovin' but you broke my heart.

처음부터 난 알고 있었어 너의 말들이 모두 거짓이란 걸

이젠 모두 다 끝났어 네가 다른 모습으로 나를 대한 그 순간부터 ~

언젠가 내게 말했지 항상 너와 함께 한다고 이제와

어떤 변명을 해도 되돌릴 수는 없어 ~

(Uh)(what) You think you smooth with them tricks you pulled.

That shoot don't get by me, cuz I be wiser see.

I was blind at first, but now I see it through.

All you wanted was money, not my love for you.

I bought you gucci links, versace gear, and so more.

But most of all I gave lovin, but you walked out the do or.

I ain't stressin' over shine, its all good for me.

Should've known you was a hoe the way you got on yo knees.(WHAT) Everything has gone away~

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