Curly Giraffe Water On feat.Akino Arai 歌詞

Ocean side, Afternoon coming windy

Big clouds are moving fast

I'm driving on HANA highway

People farm pineapple field

Golden suger cane

I wanna keepin the shade of a big tree

Swing leef is noisy, It's sounds like a raining

Baby you can take a twinkle sunshine in your land

I hope a simple life very softly

It's beautiful days

I wanna just a little wood house

I can see blue is blue sky & vanish rainbow

I know what's very special dreamy time for me

White owl flew cross over the daimond's sky

And I can hear only breath out from ocean

Good night everyone.....

Wake up morning dew sweet of flowers

Walk go up the hill sun light dazzling

She was happy to see little friend

I'm driving to go sandy beach

Winds is blowing from car window

I think, My life,

I do nothing but compact life

But it's a beautiful days

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