Badly Drawn Boy Say It Again LYRICS

You squeezed the life right out of me
Like sapping the juice of a bumblebee
And then you call me honey
You say it once and it isn't funny
When you say it again

And inside theres a style
Going on
A head full of dreams
Only room for one

Now I know you can live without me
And I have no doubt you will
Never doubt me
Like you did before

Were pumping our love
Into the sea
Full bodied
And bursting with energy

Cold blooded your engines are running
But where your going I'm not coming
Cause I'm happy here
Cause I'm happy here

Now we've found a rocksteady beat
Now all we need is a melody
And words that mean something or nothing
So people hear and can sing along until they

Say It Again

If there's trouble ahead
Don't go bothering me
With no future I live on memory
Dried of thought but my nose is runny
Say you want but I know I'm funny

Say it Again

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