Roll Deep(롤 딥) Take Control (feat. Alesha Dixon) 가사 ROMANIZED

We party till' the sun lights up the sky,

You're right here for me im right here for you lets go,
Im taking my time, im taking it slow
Take control
We got one more chance so lets go to the dance of it
Cause you know it now or never
Im gonna take control of it
I wanna take control of your mind and your body and soul
Make plans and i cant believe we're still here
See love flying around in the air,
Im yours, baby your mine,
We aint wasting no time
We got that fresh love ting going on
Some say that its right some say that its wrong
My lifes unreal but it aint a dream,
This girls got a body like you wont believe
I make the first move now she dont wanna leave,
I thinks she likes me,
I'll take the lead,
One thing leads to the next,
It starts off with a little kiss on the neck,
Then i wake up with my arm over her chest,
Thinking about last night there's never a regret.

Close the door,
What you waiting for,
I cant believe you’re here with me,
Close your eyes its just you and I,
Get ready to fly,
We can party all night till the sun lights up the sky,
And when the stars come out I’ll be right here by your side,
So take control,
Don’t let it go,
Take control,
Cause you know its now or never,
Ima take control of it,

I grab you by the hands and roll out,
Lets go now,
I wanna get to a place where it goes down,
Where the party starts but dont hold out,
Anything goes,
I wanna take you there

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