Proof feat D12, Traci Nelson Pimplikeness LYRICS

[ad libs for first 8 seconds]

Aiyyo, she a freak and I love the way she move to the beat
Ass and titties bouncin, she ain't movin her feet
Put 20 in her bra, stiff d_ck had many in her jaw
Probably hit plenty in the raw (nasty b_tch)
I wanna see this b_tch naked on my livin room flo'
And yo b_tch, I ain't givin up no dough, fo'sho'
You can be my best friend but Em might get mad
Don't call me Daddy b_tch, I f_ck better than your dad
Let me get up in that ass like I'm ridin horseback
F_ck a sponge, I need a tool to clean my ball sack
I pop my collar, don't pop your bra strap
If you hang up the phone then b_tch don't call back
18's on ice, you ain't seen that befo'
Actin like you ain't seen my bling through the do' (bling)
I move to a ho, just for one reason
Cause b_tches need 9-1-1 for no reason

[Chorus: Proof + (Eminem)]
(I'm somethin like a pimp)
A diamond{?} trick, but you ain't seein no chips, young ho
(I said I'm somethin like a pimp)
Can't go on trips, so you could s_ck my d_ck, yes b_tch
(I'm somethin like a pimp)
You could swallow or spit, and make me rich, oh girl
(I'm somethin like a pimp)
Get that money witcha switch, I walk with a limp, big P
(Said I'm somethin like a pimp)

I never treat 'em like they wanna be treated, b_tch beat it
Your purpose'll be defeated if you think that you're needed
Now what do you tell a chick who has two black eyes?
You ain't gotta tell her nothin, you just told her twice
And I don't wanna put my hands on ya, I got a plan for ya
Get with my mans, he gon' lay a couple grand on ya
So fresh and so clean, she know the routine
It's such a - wonderful thing, money flow like ravines
They say "Kuniva, get a clothin line" but I'ma chill
Cause when cotton ain't sellin p_ssy always will
And these women they be knowin the deal
That's why these n_ggaz be blowin a mil' just to keep a ho in they grill
And I ain't never been a pimp, I'm somethin like one though
I f_ck 'em and leave 'em, you always love or like that ho
Cashin 'em out, they never get ahold of my chains
They only get that swollen up thang, I'm showin 'em game

[Swifty McVay]
Hah, you was a s_cka when you met her, she dogged you cause you let her
See I tell a b_tch quick, if you knew better you'd do better (b_tch)
They realizin I ain't havin that sh_t
Don't be surprised, I'm hypnotizin every tramp that she with
I send 'em out like Vanity 6 and I mean that
I'm doggin they ass, I'm in joggin pants and a V-neck (hah!)
I put my foot up in her ass so fast
that she'll forget how to spell "cash," she hoe'in with a cast on
And I'm knowin just what happened that day
He didn't pay cause you let him take you to a matinee (I saw you)
You get slapped that way, you can't dodge the drama
I'm pimpin aunts and mamas, I collect from massage parlors (want my change)
Menage-a-trois is really second nature
I have 88 b_tches straight takin it to the face {AHH!}
And uh, I can give a f_ck about a relation
Either open your legs, or get the play, stupid b_tch


Hey, you know I gotta say somethin on this track.

Well I'm not a pimp or a player, see I'm more like the mayor
Grab a b_tch up by her hair like I just don't care
and swing her in the air (AHH!) I'm talkin major ass kick
Toss a b_tch out the house like Kwame Kirkpatrick
I'm a PIMP, so I give a f_ck about a B_TCH
But I don't make 'em trick, I'm RICH (whoo!)
I don't need the chips, they don't walk the strip
But I could spit some game and I could talk some sh_t
I'm somethin like a pimp, similar to a mack
I ain't makin the news, I make my baby mama pick up the slack
Drop Cadillac, truck {*phone rings*} f_ck, I gotta go
That's my bottom ho pagin me back - I'm a pimp

It's 7 o'clock, b_tch you ain't got my money?
I'ma beat yo' ass {*girl giggles*} you think it's funny?
B_tch get on the block in some dirty tube socks
and get shot by a cop in some Reeboks (yeah!)
B_tch I'm the man, you know I'm the man
Keep s_ckin d_ck, 'til you get a hundred grand
B_tch you insane if you think I'm your mayn
Here's 2 G's, go f_ck LeBron James

[Chorus - minus first line]

[Outro: Proof]
Hah, been gettin this money off these b_tches
Heard me? That's what I do, you know me
Check me out anywhere, anybody tell you about Proof
Got that, a.k.a. The Young Legend
The Human Fly, y'knowmsayin?
Aiyyo, I got b_tches in Michigan on Michigan
Yo' b_tch is on Woodward n_gga, next to them faggot ass n_ggaz
I got bad b_tches cause you gon', you think it's a cop
Yeah, that ain't cop that's my b_tches
I got the top notch b_tches, y'knowmsayin?
I'm more than a pimp, I'm somethin like a pimp
Cause I'm a Thundercat at the same time, Wonder Rat{?} baby
Big pimpin, you heard me? P.I.M.P
Proof Is My Poppa, let's keep it goin
Proof Is My Poppa, P.I.M.P
Y'knowmsayin let's go, c'mon y'all let's go..

[Traci Nelson]
Ooh, hey.. ooh, hey.. ooh, hey..
Ooh, hey.. ooh, hey.. [fades out]

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