Skit 가사

Artist: Ghostface Killah
Album: Bulletproof Wallets
Song: Jealousy

(Jealousy) What made you get the same shoe as mine?
(Jealousy) I cop attain and bought a house then came
(Jealousy) Why'd you have to say my mother's name?
(Jealousy) I could kill you or leave you shamed
(Jealousy) Let me introduce you to the world of jealousy
(Jealousy) It can get you killed, shot
(Jealousy) Mainly ones who stand out amongst others
(Jealousy) Meaning those who are on, opposed to those who are not
(Jealousy) It's a shame
Watch out for them they are officially out there (Jealousy)
Jealousy comes from a few forms such as like (Jealousy)
Who get the most pussy; or I heard he got the most money (Jealousy)
Or tellin you I ain't the best MC
(Jealousy) Things of that nature
(Jealousy) .. (Jealousy) .. (Jealousy) ..

다양한 해외힙합곡을 감상하고 싶다면,
"공개앨범" -> 검색란에 "ohojanggoon"

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