SR-71 Mosquito LYRICS

You like when we go fast
So my foot's on the brake
Used to be my girl
But now you're just my worst mistake
You don't see it, not a subtle change
Makes me laugh you turned into a cliche

Everytime you told me
That we'd never say goodbye... was a lie
You knew what to expect from me
Just like a hit of exctasy
You made me high

You think I still want you
After all you put me through
You think I can't walk away
And find someone better for me
Just take your overactive ego
Shrink it down like a mosquito
Baby lovin you was such a chore
Til I got bored
Now I don't think about you anymore

From the first time I saw you naked
I could see the future
I knew that my world was shaken
Lost my innocence then I lost my mind
Thank god now I see
Cause with you I must have been blind cause

Everytime you told me
That we'd never say goodbye... was a lie
Just like a common criminal
You gave me just the minimal to
Keep me hanging on inside

Now that I can breathe
I'm done with therapy
It's your turn to burn
Covered up in lies
And still so full of pride
I hope you choke
Cause its the sex I'll miss the most

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