Navarre Returns To Aquila 가사

Ladyhawke : 1995 / GNP Crescendo

Producer : Alan Parsons
Engineer : Alan Parsons

Composed, Conducted, and Orchestrations by Andrew Powell.

Review :
Ladyhawke: (Andrew Powell) This soundtrack is so poorly constructed that I actually laugh when I listen to it.
Which is sad, because it has such a wonderful theme.
My problem resides in the fact that the score is for a fantasy film, but it constantly breaks into 1970's television music.
Anyone who's heard it must know what I'm talking about --the soundtrack can go from chants to corny TV music to full orchestral sequences and then back to the synthesized TV music again.
It is a re-release which includes a wealth of previously unrecorded music.
I add an extra star for the finale music with the great theme, but otherwise, this score is sad.

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