Skylark Last Ride 가사

Darkness, don't ever change your way before the night

Nothing else can drive my soul insane, cause I'm dead

Sunlight, I can't escape this day where demons dancing

From the evil wings that close my arms so wide, so strong

I,m fly over your world again, before the sunlight

I'm a simple sign of what remains in your heart

Never I won't come back someday, becouse it's over

But your fantasy can still survive inside your mind

Northwinds, slipping, inside my old bones

Firestorm, sparkling, over my home

I will sign to you a song for my youth gone

I'm singing last SKYLARK song

White warrior

I'm walking around off this darkness

I'm singing the last saddest song

I'm trading my life with the death souls

Come back White warrior

This end is a meaning of boldness

But I think I throw it away

with just one mistake, just an error

No way White warrior

My princess is guiding the adventure

The angels are shining again

But I'm not the man who they meant

And now I have to take who I am

A loser but maybe a rainbow on witch mankind will fly someday

It's your choice between white and grey

I'm just White warrior

The truth now we know and we'll never be alone

The red sun is shining for us all

The rainbow will guide us where the eagles teach the art of love

And the SKYLARK won't play anymore

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