Angie Stone You Don't Love Me 가사 ROMANIZED


Yeah, oh oh, whoo oh, yeah

Boy, my love is fading

I'm sick and tired of waiting, cuz

Slowly you've been breaking my,

Breaking my spirit, oh I

Thought I made you happy but

To my surprise you gladly

Avoid me with no mention

Baby, you've got ill intentions

1 - Cuz you don't love me anymore (You don't, you don't) oh no

Gotchu pullin', gotchu stretchin', gotchu slowly fadin' away


Cuz you don't love me anymore, oh no

Gotchu pullin', gotchu stretchin', gotchu slowly fadin' away


Baby you've been triping and

Lately you've been slippin' up

Trying me keep up with your rhythm

Your heart is like a prison

Thought we'd be together

And we'd be hangin' and kickin' it like forever

To my surprise, I'm wrong again

Lord, help me to understand

Repeat 1

Time since then has long passed me by

But it's alright

You don't have to worry 'bout me, no no

I have cried but since then my tears have dried

And I'm gonna be just fine

Living one day at a time

Repeat 1 until fade

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