Angie Stone Come Home (Live With Me) 가사

Long time no see

It's been a while since you were here with me

Went away so suddenly

Must have been five years at least

Now, you should know

Some things changed while you were gone

Had your baby, your only son

I just didn't tell no one

1 - Come and live with me

And maybe we can raise a family

With all the love you give to me

Why don't you come home

Now I know this is a shock to you

You're probably questionin' if it's true

But you can take the test to prove

what you and I both know is true

You should know

The day before they took you away

Results from that test I took that day

Don't deny your beautiful fate, so

Repeat 1

You see it really doesn't matter

where you've been or how long

In my heart you left a vacancy

Why don't you come home

A promise is a promise

You know what you said

Come hell or high water

You are waitin' there

Repeat 1

Live with me (Baby, baby, baby, baby)

Family (You'll be my family, ooh)

Give to me (I give you all the love you need baby, baby)


Come on home, hmmm

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