DJ Son Cannibals 가사 ROMANIZED

Loving with a loaded stun gun, undefined by the calibre

My salivating bloated tongue hung in mid air over

ungathered song lyrics sung in silence

Spirits from the crypt wielding whips move my lips when I'm reading novels

Mr. Son, You eat the meat, I'll eat the offal.

And together we'll pick this carcass clean and wind up with a skeleton...

We'll take a breathe in then be back again to grind the bones into a fine dust

and paint our faces with the ashes

The color clashes with the symbolism.

Fighting fascists walk in the Kimberleys

until their skin disease begin to camouflage us.

Into herds of these native birds and bees,

all having sex in hexagonal nests.

The world's dropping E's like dropping English instead of science;

and with the S and L they spell the words "Eternal Silence"

And this is the Sahara, here the pigeons are the scavengers.

As ravenous as Burke and Wills (he kills to eat the cannibals)

Instead they ate the camels. We do the same shit here with mammals.

Walking two legged, racks of lamb wearing toupees.

This act of man as cannibal, acts as mechanical hands of time

tracks the impediment of my syntax

Saxophonists blow the oesophagus blues

'Green Oranges'. All blood is red.

I woke up in my sarcophagus so I guess I got to be dead

Decapitating the head of a pimple upon a particular meat

"I ain't eating this! Garcon! What's going on

with my camel meat? I am enraged and disapproving!"

"Ahh sir.. I do believe that meat you're eating is human."

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