Ryuichi Sakamoto Moving On 가사

Moving On

I gotta get away from here.

There is nothing here for me anymore.

Just memories. I´d Forget if I could.

I´ve got a train to catch and I can´t be late.

I´m on my way to another state of mine.

I´m leaving this one behind.

Lots of luck and hope I will need for my journey and there´s no one can turn me around.

I´ve been hear too long and everything´s gone wrong.

I never change the view from my window.

I see the same ole road with the same ole souls together going nowhere.

But that won´t be me, I´ve got plans you see.

Places to go, spaces to grow.

Got a and full of dreams and a geart full of hope.

With a head full of screams, it gets hard to cope.

So I´m leaving it all behind.

Saving the life that´s mine.

Packed my bags said my goodbye´s.

momma don´t be too sad its something that I´ve do.

Its no reflection on you.

I am older now got to make my own way.

I don´t know how but i know that i can´t stay goodbye.

Don´t wanna see you cry.

I´ll call you when I get there. Wherever there is.

I think I have everthing I need. Some tapes, my walkman, a book to read, my old photographs, my locket.

A blank book so that I can keep track.

And womeday I´ll consider coming back.

It´s so far from home. I hope that I can make it alone.

It´s all looking the same, new rules but a similar game.

Listen mamma all right but lately it seems I can´t sleep at night.

Oh no I´m not sleeping at all.

I guess I miss the security your kiss and how you used to sing to me so sweet.Give everybody my love.

I´ve decided to tough it out. Giving up I´ll never go that route not me, I have faith in my dreams.

But it gets hard. No one to catch my fall.

I miss you a lot. But I made some new friends.

I´m sleeping better. Did you get my letter? Tell everyone I said hey.

And when I get some money, I´ll come see you Okay.

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