Utada Hikaru Promise 가사 ROMANIZED

Promise me

Promise me

People can make commitments they can't keep

But we know we aren't that cheap

Can you promise me

That you won't ever never ever

Make me weep

Why can't you feel the way I do

Love and cherish me

* I will be there for you

If you'll be here for me

And I will do all I can

To be your everything

Please don't say maybe

Just make me your baby

** Promise me

Promise me

That your love will never ever change

Don't start actin' strange

Promise me

Promise me

That your love will never ever change

My love's not a game

Your love is there for sure

As the sky above

But I can't afford to lose

This love

This special love

Why won't you say that it's true

Say you'll always be there for me

For me

* repeat

** repeat

Let me know from your heart

This love of ours is special

You're the one I'm waiting for

Tell me you want me

I've been true from the start

But I can't wait forever

Promise me

Promise me

Promise me your love

** repeat

just holdin' your hand

Seein' you smile

I can't live without you

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