Jordan Knight Don't Run 가사 ROMANIZED

Verse 1

I feel like the world is on my head

I don't wanna lose what made me a man

Still when I call your name

I wait, you'll say, you're so far away Change 1 Now that I

feel the well so dry

I need you to fill me up inside

Baby you turn me on and on Chorus Just wanna hold you

I'm dying to show you

Don't run from me

Don't turn your back on me

We're getting closer

Don't say that it's over

Don't run from me

Don't turn your back on me

Come out of the dark

Don't tear us apart

Don't run from my heart

Verse 2

It took me some time to understand

What all along I held in my hands

If you give me one more chance

I'll prove, I'm true, to you Change 2 Now every night it seems

so wrong

I'm here all alone where you belong

Girl let me turn you on and on Bridge I'm such a dreamer

When I'm sleeping, I'm thinking of you

A million roses, waterfalls, around a bed for two

Sippin' fruits with the best babe

I'm not here for the rest babe

Need your candlelight, sweet love tonight

I can't afford to lose you

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