Joy Box I'll Be There For You 가사 ROMANIZED

1)Wherever you go, whatever you do...

Wherever you see I'll be there for you

When the mountains are high,

and your valleys are low....

When you're down I will show,

I'll be there for you

Cho) Whenever things are getting you down,

I'll be true, I'll still be around...

and your feelings get too funky,

you can bet I'm strong and sound

I'll be there for you, whatever you do,

I'll be there for you-yes I will,

yes I will...(repeat)

2)Whenever you're blue,

when it's frigid outside,

for you a coat I will buy...

I'll be there for you...

when you're down or you're shy,

when you feel like you'll cry well

you don't need to lie,

I'll be there for you

(Repeat Chorus)

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