Xzibit LAX 가사

You better get ready for the war


It's so frustratin, so many hatin

Somebody gon' make me break the law

But I ain't waitin, there's no escapin

You better get ready for the war

[Verse One]

A shotgun fanatic, who right back at it

You get, mopped and dropped like a filthy habit

X, snatch and grab it, got you hopin I fail

Cause if I fail you'd be happy like a faggot in jail

I'm full retail, guaranteed to sell

In my jet black McClaren with my mademoiselle

I'm strong-arm steady, you fragile and frail

You think you ready for them steady niggaz? I can't tell

Sex sells so fuck you all, we came to bubble and ball

You getting shutd own soon as I touch down

Bust rounds, enemies slayed and cut down

Fully automatic spittin rounds with no sound

Break down your whole regime, like an M-16

Make sure the chamber in the barrel is clean

And the spring that's connected to the firin pin

That's connected to the trigger when I squeeze it again, begin

[Hook: Xzibit]

Look ma top of the world, the best of the best

King California, L-A-X

Out the hood, in the penthouse, from the projects

One man, one gun, how the West was won - sing!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Verse Two]

Hit like a heavyweight, breathe deep, meditate

Make the whole crowd get loud, make 'em levitate

I ride through my city like a presidential candidate

L-A-X, Phantom double-R, and accelerate

Stack build elevate, crash through the prison gate

Generation hate, appetite to eliminate

X-Man don't spit rhymes, I ventilate

Traffic contraband, yeah banned through the interstate

Got a sick flow - didn't know? Let me demonstrate

Renovate the game, new nigga that you love to hate

The left hand lands and the right hand devastates

Half part of your face replaced with a metal plate

Irate, get snatched to a better place

Let the detached decorate with the yellow tape

Detonate, drop bombs, make the earth shake

In Brazil with a half mill' in the briefcase


[Chorus - 2X]



You better get ready for the war

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