Queen Modern Times Rock `n` Roll 가사 ROMANIZED

I move earth at will, crash Jupiter with Saturn Messng up the

planets of the universe for no reason lnjecting Kryptonite for

fun Using 'green lantern' as my disco light Dancing with Medusa,

then I'll leap into a sun To take a cold shower, all your souls

Black holes my juicer Drinking your spirits gets me rejuvenated

But PD's playerhating 'Cause the devils who they dated But who

am I? That devil's enemy from the sky

Waited eighty million ions in the dark side of heaven Contorted

with distortion playing the tricks of minds on demon I was

half-human, trapped in the diety's hand like 'Truman Show' on

spot to flow The time I was given Resurrection out of heaven

with a holy weapon, Kwaneum lyricism I be coming upon your sky

with my tiger eyes With my tripple optic scoping plus two wings

to fly

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