Cormega Mega`s On His Own 가사 ROMANIZED

Yo, yo

What, what

Wanna bounce?

Come on, come on

What, what

Bounce, bounce

Check it out y'all

Yo, you see the Benz I'm in, with BBS rims

Playing Lil' Kim's part off The Benjamins

I ain't a player, I just wear Tims

No need for gators, my feet can't swim

I'm in Reno, Nevada, sippin' a pena colada

How many niggas can see Montanna?

This movie's killin' and budgin'

Women love me in polo jeans and rugbys

You can hate it or love it, imiatate it or dub it

Compared to us, niggas ain't nuttin'

It's funny how niggas get paid for frontin'

Glorifying crimes, and they ain't done 'em

My rhymes'll split 'em like pimpin', Dom P sippin'

I'm not a baller, haven't even lived it

Women callin', since my days in the crib crawlin'

I plan to live enormous

I live nike dunks, icey chunks

A fly wifey I can trust

Not that she gon' wanna hesit me for re-up

I might be, Iron Mike if you try to entice me

I say this politely, tell it to a friend

Hard from the start, get money to the end

What up with Cormega? Did you see him?

Leanin' in the BM with the rim's gleamin'

Mega gonna hold his own

He always knew he could do it alone

And when he rhymes

Everybody's gonna know

Yo, I write rhymes for the flyest whips, finest chicks

And any rappin' nigga that thinks he's as nice as this

See me chillin' in clubs with women and thugs

Whoever wanna test this, we fill 'em with slugs

My jewlery gliestenin', rhymes usually sickenin'

Game like Fab 5 at Michigan, you listening?

Pimps, I bust 'em, nigg

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