Guided By Voices Privatel 가사 ROMANIZED


In the midst of this effort

Courageous tongues are bitter

Don't blast them

Bring posters and broadcast

Not a public display

But a new secret

Come there to pretend

Bring your children

Allow them to watch to the end

Before most of us knew it

Contagious words have bitten

Don't use them

Don't post them for broadcast

Keep then private and away

Like an old weapon

Come here on command

Like good children

Allow us to watch 'til to the end

Cigarette lifter

The frozen violins

Solid movement



Guided By Voices:

Robert Pollard

Doug Gillard

Nate Farley

Tim Tobias

Jim MacPherson


Elliott Smith- piano on track 15 organ on tracks 2,13

Tobin Sprout- piano on track 13

Todd Tobias- noise on tracks 8,12

Arianne Lallemand- cello on track 6

The Soldier String Quartet - tracks 8, 9 16

(Marlene Rice, Dave Soldier violins; Ron Lawrence, viola; Arianne

Lallemand, cello) arranged by Dave Soldier

Produced by Rob Schnapf

Recorded by Doug Boehm

Mixed by Rob Schnapf and Doug Boehm

All songs by Robert Pollard

C 2001 Needmore Songs (BMI)

Recorded at Loho Studios, NYC

Assisted by Joe Hogan, Greg Di Gesu

Guitar Tech: Brian Hual

Mixed at Greene Street Recording, NYC

Assisted by Julian Joyce

"Frostman" recorded by Robert Pollard on 4-Track

"Want One?" recorded by John Shough at Cro-Magnon Studios, Dayton

Mastering by Don Tyler at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles

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