DJ Kayslay Census Bureau (Feat. D12) 가사 ROMANIZED

Yeah, we straight from the census bureau

Haha, Runyan Ave

We lookin for yo' momma

D-12 - where yo' momma at?

Miko where yo' momma at?

Young Zee, hey Dame - where yo' momma at?

I wanna fuck that bitch, her stankin ass

Hey Em where yo' momma at? (Ohhhh-ohhhhh)


[Kon Artis]

You know me, Denaun the same ol' nigga

I spray paint your car up like Rain-O nigga

See me and you are sorta like the same I guess

We both rock mics but yours is into our chest

You can't do nuttin to me, Runyan Ave's unruly

And truly this ain't a movie, you get slapped with the tooly

So pass the slimmy and the Hennessy, I got the energy

to steal every car in this vicinity, you feelin me?

Take it back to when Das EFX was sayin niggity-wiggity-wild

Piggity-pow, nigga be out

You don't really want war, I'm chillin at your door

This uzi will have you bloody windmill-ing on the floor

I can't be a punk, my daddy wasn't none

I lose a fight after school and I came home and got one

You reap what you sew, that shit you oughta know

I keep it on the flo' under the seat I ain't a hoe!

[Chorus: Kuniva] (Kon Artis)

You know it's been a while but we feelin it now

(The rough sound muh'fucker, niggaz killin it now)

Goddamn! You don't want no problems B

(Get your name in the obituary column sheet)

It's that same ol' shit, niggaz back again

(Yo yo, you fallin off, goin back to smokin crack again)

Hit the weed (guzzle your Corona) pass the Gin

(Better duck cause they back bustin gats again)


A basket case indeed; stronger than a can of mace

Slap you in the face while you patty-cakin witcha seed

I'll be makin all these nig

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