Helloween Murderer 가사

He said get out of here nobody wants you here

Yoy smashed his head and the man died

And there's a murmur loud

From the appearing crowd

Searching for motives and reasons why

Now take a look at yourself an you'll see

What you are in the eyes of the world

You didn't want it but now he is dead

And you're on the run from the law


You're a murderer in every town

murderer to the whole world

murderer you're on the run

murderer you'll have to kill... again

And like an animal which escaped from the cage

They're hunting you over their holy land

Traps waiting everywhere you fall in deep despair

Darkness and night your only friends

One day the chase will be over for you

And you'll find your own peace in the end

Some day you will find a sanctuary

Death !... but so long my friend...


Look for a safe place where no one will find you

And try to escpe from the law

Wherever you are there's a killer behind you

Wanting to get you for sure

To lose the fear that one day he will get out

Be faster and kill him and run

Now you don't have to fear him no more

But in his place another headhunter will come

... run away !!!

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