Various Artists I'm Sorry ( 3rd Storee ) 가사 ROMANIZED

Verse I:

I know I said it I know I did it

Maybe I went overboard to prove a point

But sometimes my pride gets in the way

Maybe I need some time away

To get my head together


Maybe this was my last chance

I may never get to hold your hands again

I can say that I'm a better man

I'm sorry

Because you made me understand


I'm so sorry that I tore your heart apart last night

And I'm sorry if I scarred you again today

I didn't mean to take your dreams and make them seem so trite

I sincerely completely apologize for doing what I did

Verse II:

Everything you taught me

And everything you showed me

It never seem that I would listen to anything

But you've got my attention more than you know

I took it in

I dealt with it, but I waited too late to use it




I've never ever been so shameful for what I did

But you made me know a thing that I should have never did

If you ever take me back again

I never wanted to burn this bridge

If I could do it all over again

I'll never mishandle you ever again

Chorus repeat 3x's

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