P.O.D. Find My Way 가사

[Verse 1]

I don't know how to let you go

I'll given to you all of me, all that we'll ever be

We share the same heart and soul

I want you to believe in me

See through my eyes and you will know

I'll take my chance that

you will come home to me

Even if it takes some time

for you to work it out

I'll be there


I still got a ways to go

So far away from home

Inside I always knew

I'd find my way to you

(repeat)Find my way.......

[Verse 1]

If I could be everything you want

If I could change everything that

I have done

Only you know where I have gone

I want to prove

I am worthy to be called yours

I need you more that I ever have

And I don't want to stay, try and find me

if you can

If I get lost along the way,

please don't forget me

Know that I'll be here

[Chorus again]


I'll be there[x8]....

[Guitar Solo]

[Another Chorus]

[Bridge again]

(in background)I'll find my way to you...

[End of Song

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