Down In A Hole Conclusion 가사

from Cinderella

I can't tell ya baby what went wrong

I can't make you feel what you felt so jong ago

I'll let it show

I can't give you back what's been hurt

Hearaches come and go and all that's left are the words

I can't let go

If we take some time to think it over baby

Take some time, let me know

If you really want to go

Don't know what you got till it's gone

Don't know what it is I did so wrong

Now I know what I got

It's just this song

And it ain't easy to get back

Takes so long

I can't feel the things thet cause you pain

I can't clear my heart of your live it falls like rain

Ain't the same

I hear you calling far away

Tearing through my soul I just can't take another day

Who's to blame

If we take some time to think it over baby

Take some time let me know

If you really wanna go

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