Rose a taste of neptune 가사


On the day we sailed for England

It was cold and windy gray

All the gulls had taken shelter

When the lines were castaway

All our faces seemed much older

Than the men we'd come to know

So we swore beneath our skins

As we watched the tempest grow

We all cursed the Captain's Judgement

As we bent to do our chores

All the Older hands swapped stories

Of the storms they'd seen before

All the cabin-boys went hiding

As the ship began to toss

Thirty-seven hearts were pounding

And the bo's'n* clutched his cross       *  ==> bo's'n = boatswain


Hands of the stormy sea

Reach deep inside of me

Open a part of me

I have never known

Lord of the sea

I'm a toy in your hands

A boy from the land

Naked I stand

Oh, please let me be

In your massive domain

I've trespassed again

Oh, please understand

From deep and peaceful slumber

I awoke to find the dawn

All the winds had died to breezes

All the mountain waves were gone

I'd a bruise upon my forehead

And a gash across my arm

We'd survived our taste of neptune

For the ship remained unharmed


Toy in your hands

Boy from the land

Oh, let me be

naked I stand

Please understand

Oh, let me be.

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