Cormega On The Real 가사 ROMANIZED

featuring Nas Screwball


Yea (House of Hits)

Finally up in this nigga

On the real all you crab niggas know the deal

On the real all you crab niggas know the deal

To my seed May I lead you into no breed of evil

In the categories and stories I breed my sequel

You know the money blues blunts broken 22's

Monkey see Monkey do

A shorty sipping sunny dew

Now its V.S.O.P. in a G.S. thats mad smokey

Murder tree's, Crusin gun in the stash so it won't poke me

Up in the Marriot, Sweet dirty tint, Don't make no noise cause we dirty

Tell the ho's to hurry in

We got the room lit up with perfume, and mad boom

And there's video taping of booming ass's on the zooming lens

Rolling on you non descript niggas

Your marked for death like colombians with bad coke that gip niggas

Tilt the dutch, twisting up the uwee if your skilled enough

In Will we trust, salute the dead the nine mili's bust


On the Real all you crab niggas know the deal

On the Real all you crab niggas know the deal 2x

[K-L from ScrewBall]

Now its verbal abuse cause the mic's in use

This is your sorry excuse

Get your neck put in a noose

K-L is quick to let loose, to make your blood count reduce

Over the snare drum

We reproduce like cum

Impregnating the track, making it fatter than it was

Giving life to idea

Through the verse is what he does


See a close call about two clicks from my fortress

We rolling squad deep, on the Kawasaki hourses

QueensBridge got the drop on you niggas trying to toss us

We metal down now its time to show these clowns who the boss is

We live for the shit, Ain't trying to take no lossess

Accumalating to much cream for you to touch

Fucking welcome to my clutches, wipe the blood on off my chuckers

From the ruckus

Your gone and your crew still love us

Can't call it, I'm in love with this good life shit

I'm working with jewels, car, chicken clits, paying rent

Murdered Presidents, running wild, stacking in piles

Onyx pendants, and Rubied down shit from the nile

Kamikaze style, sought the antique three pound

Yo Nas, lets cop this brick and let the mobb supply the town

Chorus 2x


(Play some treats on us)

Drugs in my shirtsleeve

The side bubble converti

Eyes low cause the lye blow

Five-oh know we dirty drive slow

Write a line sipping a glass of wine

The block is mine cause I am a live criminal mastermind

When I rhyme, I perfect this, niceness, I'm blessed with

Exhale precise shine like cocian white

Its the life of Pablo, Escobar niggas I know

With diamond rolexes, that drive infinit's and lexus

So send my enimies a message

My Tommy Hilfiger vest, is bullet proof, so when niggas shoot

I'm still protected

So never ask why I write so violent

My brain storm formed on a dorm in Rikers Island

I remained calm while you tried to bite my style and

When I performed niggas mic's went silent

To the kid who made my man ill will bless this

(On the real)

When I catch up to your ass you know the deal

[Nas and Cormega]

On the real

chorus 4x

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