The Game For My Gangstaz LYRICS

{*scratched: "Livin in Compton, California C-A"*}
Charlie O, drop that hot sh_t

[The Game]
Motherf_cker it's the Game, mister tint the windows wit'cha brain
Since a young'n up and comin, all I did was cop 'caine
They try and change the Game, n_gga I still cop 'caine
I ain't moved out the hood, still stay where the cops came
B_tches tryin to throw salt in my name, barbers tryin to part my game
N_ggaz tryin to chalk my frame
But I walk on a thin line without scuffin my Chucks
Bad Boyyyyy, and I f_ck with Puff
So bring the guns if you want n_gga; I'm real good with the glock
And 50 G's say you leave in a box
When I f_ck Lil' Kim guess I'm feelin like 'Pac
N_ggaz wanna wrestle The Game, guess they feel like The Rock
"It doesn't matter," 745 up and down your block
Hop out with a Nextel, n_ggaz feel like they shot
It's different in my hood, only time we take shots
is when the Dodgers did good, my n_ggaz live on the block

This is for the gangster, in me
This is for the gangster, in you - all my gangsters pour the brew
This is for the gangster, in me
This is for the gangster, in you - all my gangsters red and blue

[Verse Two]
I'm worldwide with this gangsta lean, my life's no dream
I got a crew in Jamaica, Queens
Lake Charles up to New Orleans in D.C. I sip
My thugs get crunk off Lil' Flip
State to state many shows I rip, I'm the boss of the Bay
Like Clint Eastwood, make my day
Fine b_tches look like Lisa Raye, plot on gettin paid
In the end, all they get is played
Maybe a nut, no Ice Capade
Real dudes is shiesty, I only give jewels to wifey
And I don't give a f_ck if you really don't like me
It's in my blood to thug, get ill and hyphy
One of the best I might be, it really don't matter
When I bust, s_cker MC's scatter, gettin out of my way
I bust bad b_tches night and day
I make classics like Dr. Dre, closed casket from rhymes I say


[The Game]
... Gon' move in on your rock, say f_ck the crisis
And ride with the West we got lower coat prices
You know me the king of L.A., New York
Drivin through Brooklyn in a fo', same color as water
You want X? I can cover the order
Ninety-fo' been hustlin now watch the sh_t elevate like Vince Carter
Not the rap martyr, or the second rap Carter
Compton's own, I'm home, not the best I just rap harder
Heir to the throne, nobody rep Compton like me
Street spinnin like waves on that Continental T
My grandmoms woulda been proud of me, look at your grandson now
'Til my demis, Black Mafia ties
So it's hard to let the larcent die, my {?} treys
A killer changin the game like them Marcy guys
And I been compared to Shyne like Shyne was compared to Biggie
I'm from Compton, he from New York City, c'mon really?


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