Beans Deathsweater LYRICS

This sweater looks good on me
Get the . of my curves make me feel so sexy
If you ain't blind nigger you got eyes to see
You know that my body look so damn sexy

You say the magazine no visible flows
To trace that familiar feeling when they hit you like,
The way I shake the tail plus the heart like a hurricane . 40 sorrows
This is the disco for the departed a mouth full of .salable production
Is minimal cause what he's saying is critical
Breast . they heat from the bin
The color skin not you . tofu,, his obsession for the freaking world is absurd
Pay dues like I had the membership to . spread
.dresses feel like Sunday night. stand still
Smile like a new .nothing but fleshing my

My era .like to . daddies
. a touch too much fairy dust
To fuck with the illustrious be straw
Time to release chemotherapy trickable when I roll
And exploding ice .there is nothing you can say to him
But you can say the same as him
Morphine is more fun that our friends ultimately . for your birthday
Like the second needs a minute and the . becomes an hour
Like the rain drop is, take a shower hit the stage we need to rock
Get paid . clock is the .so guard your grill and take a chew pill
.very ill . the quality of this .electric you know the drill
Cause . looking good and killing my

You're new to New York
I am a New Yorker kid
I used to shop . in . Square
You don't fucking sense my socks from . Smith
And his . shirts from Steven Allan.
. for the shoes in the mirror I am styling
Not materialistic but my materialism is sick
Buy . fast and kill them smart
I've been injected stop your heart
Or surrender . so the last thing you'll ever see
. is me. on the jewels chain
. like is something pepper when it comes to the rhymes

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