Angels & Agony Lost LYRICS

Have you ever had that feeling
Where to come from and where to go
Memories of childhood pushed away
You look back ashamed

A child's innocence ignored
By adult's reason
Full of hypocrisy
False smiles and made-up truths

I'm lost
I'm lost on my way
I'm lost
I'll go astray

Choices I made years ago
I'm not sure of now
Is this all I can achieve?
What a total waste of time

Lost between thoughts and facts
No one knows my past
Or what will become of me
I fear my next step in life


Everything I thought I knew
Is surpassed by technology
I doubt my wit, there is no sense
There's no sense at all

There must be more that this
What's the meaning of my life
My body feels young and fresh
But my heart feels old

This adult's behaviour
Keeps me from myself
Remain the child inside alive
And you'll never die

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