A//Political Love Is the Basis of Our Anger LYRICS

Can not speak any longer
Voice gone
Worn out
So tired
No longer able to yell
Actions will be our arguments
Where our words have failed


We see children lied to and nothing is done
Men killed in senseless warfare
And women brutally killed in senseless abuse
Images of beauty and hope strangled
Animals slaughtered for pleasure and profit
Humankind suffocated under the weight of Capitalist exploitative doctrine

So we throw our bricks, be it at police or labs
Politicians or union bosses
We plant our bombs, whether they be made of TNT
Or simple compassion
Our guns are aimed squarely and unwaveringly at those
That torture and murder us from birth
Fighting back with all that we have to reclaim
All that is ours
This revolution will be the one that comes from the labor
Of our hearts as well as our hands

Love is the basis of our anger.

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