NSync Sundreams LETRA


She stood out just like a diamond lady
Amongst the tourists in a crowded room
I took her walking on the sandy beaches
Under a silk Carribean moon

That's when she proimsed that
and I promised this
And til this day I can still picture it...
She took my hand
And I took her kiss
So temporary the moments of bliss

Some Dreams just fade away
Like yesterday's sunset
Some Dreams are made to stay
She's one dream I'll never forget

Everyday just seemed to go to quickly
And every night just passed us in a blur
I never noticed the blue skies and waters
Becuase I only had eyes for here

And so when she promised that
And I promised this
And to this day I can still picture it
She took my hand
And I took her kiss
So temporary those moments of bliss

Chorus repeat

Roll back,
those crazy summer days
Stroll back,
I'll find you through the haze...

Chorus repeat x2

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