My Genuine Find Better Now LETRA

I'll be the one that you've always heard of
Take that chance and go old fashion
We'll get dressed up, take a walk
I'll show you how bright you can shine

& I can care less, of what they mean
When they say this is not what it seems
As far as I know we're floating through space
And it's no one but you and me

Dont blame me if we stay out till morning
I can hardly wait to see that face
Glowing with the sunrise
The stars left you wondering in my eyes

& Its always been you
When I saw you I knew
This heart skips beats, & soon you will see
We dont need more, We've got this
I made you this suprise-
Close your eyes & I'll bring it to you
It's a place where we can go finally
Love, peace, you-me
Love, peace, you-me
We'll get there and we'll sing

And all we knew is better now
And anything will do for you
And all we knew is better now
We're never going back, right here is where its at
We can run, run, run

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