Dagon Children of Poseidon LETRA

Children of Poseidon
Fathom by fathom we make our descent
Deeper than any tongue can tell
Deeper than mortal man was meant
Where the sea doth boil from the fires of hell
There we see the coral gates
Climbing from the ocean floor
And behind an army conceived in hate
Laden with the tools of war

Legions of Atlantis
Warriors of the sea
Children of Poseidon
Bathed in red fatality
Legions of Atlantis
Warriors of the sea
Children of Poseidon
Spread his wrath to humanity

Armor carved from Nautilus
Urchin spikes are trident tines
The general's steed a mighty squid
Their standard is borne on a sailor's spine
The creatures of the sea are one
An onslaught from Poseidon's hand
Slaying all sparing none
Revenge they seek on earthbound man

Perverse mutated hybrids
Bred within our walls
Lighting of electric eel
Strength of megaladon's jaws
Cunning of the orca
Stinger of the ray
Weapons of Poseidon
Closing in on their prey

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