Trial Are These Our Lives? 가사

under the ruins of a paradise never to be known

crushed beneath the feet of gods who

reap what we have sown

as the industrial neo-fascists slash and burn through flesh

endorse the individual but sacrifice the rest

i want the truth to be told

that we are more than the sum of what we're sold

social darwnist manipulation

multilateral agreement for the devastation

of all but the hegemon while we as one

are sacrificed on the alter

in the age of the refugee this era of death for profit

ideals alone will minimize the fringe

organization can enhance empowerment

against forced abortions and sterilizations

clitoridectomy aberrations

oil addiction inculcation while alternatives face negation

by those who anesthetize the mind

and invest in broken lives

disorganize overpower exploit and stratify

the distorted promise of a free exchange haunts us through

the debts we pay to the alliances which turn me against

those around me

and against myself

generation after generation enduring apocalyptic visions

in individual private hells with bodies weak

and minds distorted with nothing left to sell

while the masters of the new fuedal age

drink to satisfy an unquenchable thirst

gulping our blood our sweat and spit back lies

are these our lives?

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