Trial Legacy 가사

with empty minds and vacant stares

our lifeless generation is drawn

toward the illusions of endless offered bait

the same selective vision

let boxcars carry millions to their cremation

inaction masked by pseudo satisfaction

so many lives have burned away

"another night with nothing to do" is an infection

when anger has no motive and force has no direction

a lack of self control invites every distraction

from the holocausts we'd see and a world in agony

1944 through 1998: children dead at Birkenau

or Tbetans laid to waste

excuses become our legacy

postponing introspection through denial and self rejection

there is no inevitable oppresiion

we are digging our own graves

afraid of what we feel so our lives remain the same

uphold the status quo as if there's someone else to blame

who will cast away our ashes after we've thrown

ourselves into the flames?

"i can always do it tomorrow"

well you might as well be dead today

this is my revolution

the epitaph of our collective grave will read that

"work never made us free"

our strength maintained by never giving in

we have so much to lose so little time left to begin

for even when we're gone

the effects of our legacy will still remain

so we've got to break it

in time alone as the years go by what i feel can't be denied

when tension builds and nothing gets changed

i strive to understand and redefine this rage

and fight for a new legacy

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