Tommy Page Just Before (I Was Gonna Say I Love You) 가사

And I recall the night

When my heart was shattered in two

It took me so long

To find my thoughts, express it to you

I waited all my life

Thinking love would never come my way

Then right before my eyes

You killed my dreams with what you had to say

And it took me some time to find the words

But I didn't get the chance to be heard, you told me


Just before I was about to say that I need you

Just before I was about to show my heart was true

You said that you were seeing another love

Someone you'd been dreaming of

All this time I never knew, you told me

Just before, just before, just before

I was gonna say I love you

All in one moment

I lost visions of heaven to be

I said to myself I was happier being lonely

'Cause love is the most pain I've ever felt

My heart is aching and my soul just melts

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