Sylosis After lifeless years LETRA

The truth became so clear to you, and so your faith has died
Now see what waits for you on the other side
A morbid sea of deepest black, a distant ever burning flame
With nowhere else to turn, we wander alone...forever alone
Forsaken by the God you loved, and now your love has died
No miracle will shine its light on you
So easily directed, your thoughts remain your only guide
Know you will see no truth beneath this cloak of lies
A distant ever piercing far away
Blinded by aspirations of a higher state
Wasting your life just searching for a periphery
Hold on to the thought, that it was just,
And pray for life to continue
We'll fall beyond safeties grasp
To re-emerge lifeless
Trying to break from the clutches of our death
A morbid sea of deepest black, a distant ever burning flame
A distant ever piercing cry, so far away...

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