DJ Krush Shinjiro 가사

[Featuring Mos Def]

? got the sound you know the vibe baby

And DJ Krush he get down word up you know the vibe baby

Yeah and ? get down word up you know the vibe bay

But Mos Def keep the crown representin Brooklyn you know the vibe yo

From all borders doorways and gates

Resurrection draws near mankind awaits

When you're livin in this world you got to survive

Shaitan is lookin on alert attackin from all sides

Witness before all eyes, the evidence of unseen

The power past the comprehension that controls all things

The battle fought by good and evil is a real contest

It is the outcome of the struggle that we play context

To all sets sections cruddy clicks crews and clans

Gilgreens to Badlands, jump up, to understand

I'm just a man, not the univeral architect

We tread the face of this heavenly place, and show respect

Tokyo, raise your hands, where you at?

Osaka, raise your hands, where you at?

?*Mos Def says something in Japanese I don't understand*?

DJ Krush Mos Def on the touch, we let it fly

I send my, salaam to my, entire squad

Meiso hard, wherever you are, stay on your job

Strugglin hard, to overcome the perils of life

We writin rhymes on enemy lines to shine light

Stay in meditation to keep the head right

Spreadin wings like heavenly things, we take flight

Flight flight flight flight flight flight flight, ha ha

Everything gon be alright (2X)

And you got to believe

(repeat 2X)

Everything gon be alright (2X)

I said you got to believe (2X)

Yo bust it baby

Me and Krush politickin buildin on this money mission

? somethin so I had to stop and listen

It's time for ever tickin, my gift for-ever thinkin

I'm tryin to get mine cause Son it's here for the gettin

Allah's provision, will help us in the providential

My pad and pencil, will transcribe the elemental

The raw essential, the South bound resedential

The pure and simple, to resonate in your mental

I flash a dimple, my ? shine like precious metal

Left the rah rah livin alone, about to settle

Fast act tryin to go slow down, and save your petrol

Cause the beat don't stop, like yellow cabs in the metro

Rejoice your verse to Earth, as the verbs connects

This is a daily operation like birth to death

And I burst the breath, yep, as a so-called vet

I've orchestrated designs while they slept, quiet as kept

Everything that you heard in advance is just a glance

of the landscape, furnish we ?crops? and props till

sunsets and ?tree-dots, back jobs? of pure skill

At night, I do right, to excite, what truth reveal

Got to believe, that the Most High I see

Every degree, of this three-see-ix-to-e

We maintain Son and carry on officially

From troubled projects to the shores of Tripoli

I speak prolifically, I write reciprocally

Transmit upliftedly, it sounds terrific G

Allah has gifted me, with great ability

To speak to my beloved, and make em all love it

Refined rugged, a product of the ghetto public

Allah is the King of the world, we just subjects (2X)

Allah is the King, Allah is the King and you know

Everything's gon be alight (2X)

And you got to believe

(repeat 2X)

You know the vibe baby

Everything's gon be alright (2X)

(repeat 2X)

Yo bust it baby

*Mos Def shouts out a lot of people I don't know and couldn't spell*

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