Itchycoo Dark Side of Me LYRICS

Verse 1
No use to play this game
There's no time to get lost
Try to go your way but I'm losing my self
Your mind is on, a one way track
When I reveal myself you push me back
It's getting colder everyday that goes by,
just let me show

I guess you've seen the bright side of me
And this is how you want me to be
I know it must be hard for you to see
The dark side of me

Verse 2
No news, I'm still the same as
I always have been
Tired of make believe? Look at me now
(Don't deny), your mind is on a one way track
(The more I try), when I reveal myself you push me back
(No goodbye), and when you speak up loud I'm holding my breath,
just let me show





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