The Brobecks Creep You Out LETRA

Bad reception
Everywhere I go
Round my back door

Wanted try you on
Wanted to try you out
Don't tell my mother
She might freak out

I was running through your drawers
Hoping you would not bust through the door, baby

Sarah, would it be alright
If I came to you,
Came to you at night

Keep it down below
No-one has to know

Could you shut those doors
I want to try your clothes

With my band by my side
We're finally in
Seeing all the merchandise
Let us begin (begin)

Game is over now
I guess I'm done
There's more than one

Did I creep you out?
Did I creep you in?

You don't hate me now
It's who I am

Finally did it but we're under arrest
I'm sorry friends but, this one's a mess

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