Dulce María 24/7 (en inglés) LETRA

At 6 am breakfast of fresh fruit with lemon.
At 11 I look at the sky, I see the clouds an option.
12:25 roars coffee I drink good coffee,
one sheet and I get to read to outwit my memory.
4:33 But my mind betrays me,
but at 4:33 I think ...

Since the alarm clock
is a good day to forget love.
I spend the day distracting my mind
but even these present in every space where I go.

Since the alarm clock
is a good day to forget love.
Not a day by stealing moments
or seconds to the time cheated on my heart.

24 seven so is already modified.
Do not forget either the 8 or 10.
24 seven so is, I once ...

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