M-Flo Deep Within LETRA

I was asked one day, if I had a can of memories
Would it have an expression date to forget or not to forget
Can I choose to drain away my heart's resounding blues

Just when I thought I reached my destination
I was only backto where I first started
Becoming who I've always hated the unbecoming unleashed
So won't you speak to me...

Bad sense of humor, uttered softly, spilled some coffee you stained my clothes
as well as my clear conscience, probably accidental
But the thoughts that crossed my mind would leave you petrozoomin' by, unrecordable with pad and pencil
Anyway I tremble symbolizing my temperature rising,
reminiscing the times when I'd do anything for you
But not knowing why, like Abraham sacrificing Isaac

I worshipped you, you were my idol, silly
But right around now, I find no desires, as a matter of fact,
I'm based against all your opinions, dry rose, once lively and captured your heart
But now destined to be crushed and becomes dust,
till death do us part ashes to ashes
I once died for this world, but no born again my barefeet on cold cement
waiting on the day of resurrection irrevelant,
small talks with you that take us no where
I don't know how I was able to bear, the way you didn't show care
I guess I harbored resentment this whole time
Never exposed what's been on my mind, but now you know

Self denial...used to numb my pain
But nowadays I can't find the novocane ways to hide what I already know
I'd rather you shout nonsense than to whisper hurtful truth
Just when I thought I got all I wanted I realized I lost just about everything
Saying what I've never said to anyone breathing murderous thoughts
So won't you speak to me...

Three words of truth shine deep within me anchoring my stormy heart
I need faith to see what I cant see yes, I need hope, to keep me going and
I need love, your love, safe and sound, maybe that is all I need, deep within..

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